October 20, 2012
Olivia Thirlby is ‘obsessed’ with her character in Dredd 3D

Olivia Thirlby has an interview with the Toronto Sun, talking about her character in Dredd 3D (out in theaters now).  When asked about her character in the movie, Thirlby says, "I am obsessed with this character. I love her.  "I think I've only realized that in hindsight, seeing the film and having to talk about it.  I realize how much I love her and how much I love playing her and how much she excites me."

She also talks about the story, saying, “In the world of Judges, I don't think that sensitivity is something that's prized or helpful.  What I love about her is it's that which could be construed as her weakness which ends up being her strength, and ends up making her an exceptional Judge."

She also talks about wielding weapons and fighting, while being incredibly small and petite.  She says, "My hands are incredibly small, so I can't change a magazine or cock my gun with one hand. So I had to devise ways to do it and make it look real.”  She also adds that her mind-reading skills probably provide the most advantage, saying, "She's so acquainted with all the joys and sorrows of every single person she comes in contact with. She knows their circumstances, instantly. She knows the human condition.  So her world is a world of grey. There is no good and bad."


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