May 16, 2018
Nina Agdal loves chocolate lava cake

When it comes to admiring the beautiful women in the modelling industry today, we can sometimes be forgiven for thinking that these stunning women do not really eat much other than fruit and salad, with many never dreaming of them ever touching any sort of fatty food, after all, they are getting paid for keeping themselves looking so great. However, there have been plenty of occasions over the years, where we have seen some of these stunning stars tucking into some of our favourite fatty foods.
Danish beauty, Nina Agdal has been working in the modelling industry for quite a few years now and has become one of the most sought after stars in the business, with arguably one of the hottest bodies in the world. Now though, Nina has decided to share with the world her love of chocolate lava cake from Dominos, insisting that it is something that we should all try at least once in our life.
Agdal took to her official Instagram account, to share a picture of herself with her fans and followers, of her getting stuck in to some chocolate lava cake. Along with the picture, she added the caption, "Since its national chocolate chip day im just gonna use this opportunity and do you a favor and tell you to order the chocolate lava cakes @dominos today. Ur welcome. Thank me later. #notanad#butholleratyourgirl 🍪🍫"
While we have to admit that we have tried the chocolate lava cake and it is absolutely delicious, we would not recommend eating too many of them, you know, for health reasons and all that!


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