October 2, 2012
Nicki Minaj reveals the reasons behind her wacky style

Singer Nicki Minaj is one of those people who simply excels at attention seeking. The singer constantly changes her hair crazy hair styles and is seen time and again in some of the most ridiculous outfits but Nicki claims that she does it because she just gets bored very quickly.

Nicki told People, “I get tired of things really quickly. I love change when it comes to my look … it’s like I need a new fix. It’s like a high to me — every time I change my hair it’s a high. Maybe next year I’ll just walk around in a space suit and a big helmet and call it a day.”
She added, “I find every bit of [getting ready] annoying … I don’t like sitting around. I like being busy. [I love] when I go from zero to 10 and everybody sees 10 — even my stylists never know what I’m wearing. I’ll say, ‘Bring me a whole bunch of clothes,’ and I’ll go in and put stuff together … So sitting there, and getting makeup done, I don’t love it — but afterwards it’s like, ‘Yay! We created a new doll today.’”
Nicki Minaj recently released her very first fragrance Pink Friday and hopes to continue to do more things outside of music in the future.


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