September 29, 2017
New Iris West actress Kiersey Clemons talks Flashpoint time travel

So there has been a huge amount of talk about what Warner Bros. and DC are going to do with their DC Extended Universe, with recent suggestions that they are going to try to do something different to what Marvel have done with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, by having all of their standalone movies being just that, standalone, without the involvement of any of the other DC superheroes.

Anyway, one of the DC movies that we know we are getting in the near future, and one that we are very much looking forward to seeing, is the Flashpoint movie, which will see Ezra Miller in his first standalone movie as The Flash. Meanwhile, actress Kiersey Clemons will appear in the Flashpoint movie in the role of Iris West, and Kiersey has been talking about the time travel aspect of the new film.

Clemons was asked how her portrayal of Iris West will differ from the one that Candice Patton has been giving us in The Flash television series, when she replied, "Because of going back and forth past and future with The Flash, you don't even know what time period you actually meet Iris."

So, with that in mind and the fact that we have no idea just what time period Kiersey Clemons is going to play Iris West, does this mean that we are also going to see other actresses playing the role as younger or older versions of the character? Only time will tell.

The Flashpoint movie is aiming to hit the big screen some time in 2020 although an official date has yet to be announced.


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