January 23, 2013
New Day of the Falcon trailer starring Antonio Banderas and Freida Pinto

It is not unusual for a film to be made but not be released for quite sometime after, or for a movie to be released in different places, at different times over the course of a number of years. That is exactly the case for the movie Day of the Falcon, which stars Antonio Banderas and Freida Pinto.

Day of the Falcon was completed way back in March 2011 and was released in a number of countries the very same year. The film then continued to be released around the world, including the UK, in 2012. Now, it is finally going to hit the big screen in the US.

With the release of Day of the Falcon edging nearer in the US, they have decided to release a new trailer for the movie, which shows Antonio Banderas and Freida Pinto attempting to give the film their best.

As well as starring Antonio Banderas and Freida Pinto, Day of the Falcon also stars Mark Strong and Tahar Rahim. Day of the Falcon is directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, based on the screenplay that he penned with Menno Meyjes, and is set to be released on Video On Demand on February 1 and for limited release on March 1.

Now, check out the new trailer for Day of the Falcon, below and share with us what you think.


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