May 29, 2018
Natalie Portman reveals the serious issues with factory farming

When you are one of the biggest stars on the face of the Earth it is always useful to take something you feel very strongly about and make people aware of it, especially if it is a serious issue that a lot of people would not really know about. We have heard a lot about happens to animals during the process of them becoming meat for people to eat, and now Natalie Portman has been sharing some of the serious issues with factory farming.

While Natalie Portman is best known for being one of the biggest and best actresses in Hollywood, she took the time to narrate the upcoming new documentary Eating Animals, which takes a closer look at where the meat we eat comes from. During the process, Natalie discovered that there are a lot of horrible things that take place, something which she wants the world to know about.

During her narration of the new film, Portman explains, "I finally learned why drugs are so essential to factory farming poultry - healthy birds don't require drugs; sick, mutated ones do. Turkeys have been so genetically altered that they're no longer capable of having sex; they're all artificially inseminated."
She adds, "I learned that because corporations want to pay less for feed and Americans like the taste of fat, today's meat birds have been bred with mutant obese genes to grow faster and fatter than ever imaginable before, so much faster and fatter that if a human baby had her growth similarly accelerated, a two month old would weigh more than 600 pounds."
Eating Animals has been directed by Christopher Dillion Quinn, based on the memoir written by Jonathan Safran Foer, with the documentary set for release on June 18.


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