October 30, 2013
Molly C. Quinn: A (Texas) Rose Among Thorns

It did not seem possible in this day in age for a young woman to be wildly popular and not find herself tempted into compromising situations, but Molly C. Quinn has pulled it off. Perhaps this young starlet owes her restraint and wise decisions to the on-set mentoring of fellow Castle TV show actors like Nathan Fillion, Susan Sullivan, and Stana Katic. Or perhaps her deep Texan roots keep her grounded in the reality of decisions and consequences. Whatever it is keeping this beautiful redhead on the straight and narrow path, it is clear that this road will lead her to true success.
This delicate Texas rose captures audiences with her porcelain skin and fiery hair. Her dreamy blue eyes take one back to Hollywood stars like Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor. In fact, much of what she does seems grounded in the strong morals and coquettish allure of the classic stars. One of her latest photo shoots shows Molly in 1960’s-esque nightgown with no peeping parts or anything more scandalous than some high thigh. Is it possible she found that sweet balance of beauty and modesty?
Her moral motivation does not stop there. While Molly regularly tweets and gets out there in the public eye, a majority of her activities revolve around loyal promotion of her tv show or supporting charities and movements like the Extra Life Project run by the Children’s Miracle Network, which focuses on raising money to support hospitals pediatric care. Still very much a kid at heart, Molly also continues to attend events like Comic-Con in full attire.
Like her stunning appearance at 2011 Comic-Con as Firefly’s Captain Mal Reynolds, you never know what to expect next from everyone’s favorite redhead; but it promises to be both memorable and meaningful. Her twitter feed consistently reveals her heart as she retweets kind words from fans and friends, teases with tasty tidbits of her upcoming episodes, and seriously promotes the causes in which she believes. Fingers crossed that this promising young actress keeps her wonderful upbeat view on life and continues dazzling us all!


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