April 25, 2013
Modern Family's Julie Bowen worships Sofia Vergara

Modern Family star Julie Bowen, who plays the character Claire Dunphy in the hit ABC television series, has been talking about her co-star Sofia Vergara, who plays Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the show. Julie says that she can completely understand why people are so obsessed with Sofia, admitting that she worships the star.
Bowen was chatting to E! News, when they asked her if she has a girl crush on Sofia Vergara, "Who doesn't? I sort of worship Sofia. It's kind of like - a girl crush is something you would have on somebody you don't know, like Katy Perry," she replied.
Julie added, "Sofia I know and see all the time. I respect her so much. She's so comfortable being like, 'I am a woman, yes?' I'm more like pulling at my dress and feeling like my boobs shouldn't be doing whatever they're doing,"
You can catch Julie Bowen, in her familiar role as Claire Dunphy, and Sofia Vergara, as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, in Modern Family season four, which continues to air on ABC on Wednesday, May 1. Modern Family season four is approaching its end but it is expected to be renewed for a fifth season.


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