March 8, 2016
Miley Cyrus has calmed her crazy behavior to keep Liam Hemsworth happy

There have been plenty of occasions over the years, where we have seen two former high-profile celebrity lovers finding their way back into one another's arms, although it is not always a good thing. While some of these rekindled romances have managed to go on and last a very long time, there are others which have once again fallen apart.
Music superstar Miley Cyrus was in a long-term relationship with Hollywood hunk Liam Hemsworth and the couple were even engaged, before it was announced that the two had called of their engagement and split up. Now, Liam and Miley are back together and it has been claimed that Cyrus is calming herself down in order to keep her man happy.
A supposed insider told People magazine, "For the past few weeks, they have lived a very secluded life. When they are not working, they rarely leave home. They often have people over for dinner, and Miley has gone from a wild child to a housewife."
The source added, "Liam couldn't handle when Miley acted nutty. Miley's problem was that she thought Liam was boring when he complained. (Now she is) toning things down and acting more normal. She even stopped hanging out with friends that are too wild. She is very focused on making things work with Liam."
It will be interesting to see whether this decision works and whether Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth will actually go on to get married and have children this time around!


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