November 19, 2013
Michelle Trachtenberg was bullied when she was younger

Hollywood actress Michelle Trachtenberg has grown up on our television screens, playing the young sister of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as well as appearing in a recurring role in Gossip Girl. While talking about her childhood, Michelle has revealed how she was actually bullied while growing up in Brooklyn.
Trachtenberg told New York Daily News, "There really aren’t people back in Brooklyn that I like. Every once in a while someone will come up to me and they’ll say something like, ‘Oh! You went to school in Brooklyn…’ and it’s hard for me to respond favorably. To be honest, all of those kids were very mean to me. Very cruel. It was horrible.”
However, Michelle says that she is still proud of her roots despite this, "I love Brooklyn. I love that I came from there. And in the future if I’m lucky enough to have kids… the struggle for me will be where to raise them, because I am quite proud of my Brooklyn roots," she added.
Michelle Trachtenberg is still enjoying a very successful acting career, most recently playing the role of Marina Oswald, in the Hallmark TV movie Killing Kennedy, which premiered on Sunday.


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