February 23, 2015
Michael Keaton compares the Oscars 2015 to the Super Bowl

The countdown to the 2015 Oscars is almost over and we are are getting ever closer to seeing what Neil Patrick Harris has to offer with his hosting duties, while also getting to see which stars will win what awards. You can already feel the excitement and anticipation growing, as the stars make their way up the red carpet and we cannot wait for the ceremony to begin.

As we do wait though, we get to see the Hollywood stars making their way up the red carpet, with most of them talking the time to stop and talk about the excitement of the evening, including those stars who are up for awards tonight. Hollywood veteran Michael Keaton is nominated for the Best Actor in a Leading Role award for his performance in Birdman and he has already made his way up the red carpet.

While making his way towards the entrance to the Dolby Theatre, Michael Keaton stopped to talk to the press about the Oscars 2015 and his excitement about being nominated for an Academy Award. Michael says that he feels that an actor being up for an Oscar is what it must feel like for a football play to appear at the Super Bowl, while winning an Oscar would be like winning the Super Bowl itself.

Well, Michael Keaton is one of the favourites to win an Oscar tonight, with many people tipping it to be either him or Eddie Redmayne to win the Best Actor in a Leading Role award. We think Eddie Redmayne just has the edge for his performance in The Theory of Everything but Michael was also fantastic in Birdman. It will be a close one.


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