September 15, 2013
Michael Biehn, Linda Hamilton, and Arnold Schwarzenegger to reunite for Terminator 5?

Will Michael Biehn, Linda Hamilton, and Arnold Schwarzenegger reunite for Terminator 5? They will if the film's producers and director Alan Taylor have anything to do with it. In fact, they may already be making some serious moves in that direction. Schwarzenegger has reportedly already been offered at $20 million salary to return to the franchise, though there's no word on whether he's accepted.

Seeing the three together in a reboot of the iconic franchise will definitely generate tons of fan interest, and it's no wonder the producers want to see these actors together again. It's unclear, however, how Linda Hamilton could make a return in the new movie. The plotline involves a cyborg, played by G.I. Joe: Retaliation star Dwayne Johnson traveling back to the 1950s to kill Sarah Connor's parents. The storyline occurs before her birth, so unless she's traveling back in time with Schwarzenegger to stop the cyborg, we're not sure how her appearance would work.

It's also unclear whether Michael Biehn will even be able to take part. With eight movies now slated to release in 2014 for Biehn, he is one of Hollywood's hottest actors right now.

Of course, it's all rumor at this point, and nothing is confirmed. The casting choice may not fall in this direction at all, though it would be fantastic to see these three icons from the original movies make it back to the big screen together for the reboot.


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