August 22, 2017
Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green to have a daughter?

We have seen so many high-profile celebrity couples having their ups and downs over the years and, while some of these stars have decided to bring their marriage to an end, there are others who have decided to see things through. Hollywood couple Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green looked all set to get divorced back in 2015, before they managed to patch things up and go on to have another child together.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green now have three young sons together, 4-year-old Noah, 3-year-old Bodhi, and their youngest son Journey, who is 12 months old. As well as that, Brian also has 15-year-old son Kassius from a former relationship, and he has now admitted that, while he would love to have another child with Megan, he only really wants to have a daughter and is worried that another son will arrive.

Green explained, "I don't know. I have four boys now, a fifth is a basketball team. So, that would kind of be awesome. I want a girl. I really want a girl. I'm worried that if I try I'll just get another boy. Not 'just' because I love my boys, but I'll have another boy, and I don't know if I'm ready for five."
We are very impressed to see that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have managed to get their relationship back on track and are now as happy as ever together. We would love to see the couple having a daughter together but we are sure they would be just as happy with another son.


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