January 28, 2016
Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, and Josh Brolin prepare for new movie Suburbicon

With the amount of hugely talented stars there are in Hollywood these days, we keep getting a number of very impressive collaborations on the big screen, with the best of the best that Hollywood has to offer working together on a number of different projects. Sometimes these collaborations give us a fantastic and enjoyable movie, while other times they surprisingly flop.
One of the upcoming ensemble casts that we have become very interested in seeing on the big screen, is for the new movie Suburbicon, which will see the Hollywood stars Julianne Moore, Matt Damon, and Josh Brolin sharing the big screen together. You would expect that these three stars working together would be enough to get anyone excited about a film, but it does not stop there.
Over the years, Joel Cohen and Ethan Cohen, better known as the Cohen Brothers, have written some absolutely brilliant movie, so when you add their writing talents to that impressive cast, you have to expect that Suburbicon is going to be something special indeed. But wait, it continues to get even better than that.
While Suburbicon will star Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, and Julianne Moore, with the screenplay for the movie being written by the Cohen Brothers, the film also boasts a big name director, with Hollywood superstar George Clooney on board to helm the project. We have high hopes for Suburbicon and cannot wait for the film to go into production, so we can get an even better idea of what to expect!


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