February 11, 2016
Marisa Miller excited for the Titans of Mavericks

There was once a time when the beautiful Marisa Miller was one of the biggest and best models on the face of the Earth, landing all the modelling gigs that most women could only dream of, working with the top names the modelling industry has to offer. As well as enjoying a hugely successful modelling career, Marisa also tried her hand at acting, showing just how talented she is, as well as being beautiful.
However, these days Marisa Miller does not seem to be quite so active with her modelling career and she does not exactly seem too keen on taking up acting on a permanent basis. With that said, Marisa does have a very busy family life to enjoy, raising her two beautiful children, sons Gavin, three, and Grayson, who will turn one later in the year.
Fortunately though, Marisa Miller does still like to try to communicate with her fans, which is where he social media accounts come in very handy, revealing what a big sports fan she really is. At the weekend, Marisa revealed that she was excited for the Super Bowl, while she has now revealed just how excited she is for the surfing spectacle that is the Titans of Mavericks, which takes place this weekend.
Miller took to her official Instagram account to share a poster advertising the upcoming event, along with the caption, "
@titansofmavericks is ON for this Friday!! It's going to be Epic. LIVE ON @redbulltv. Water waveWater waveBombBomb". Sounds like it could be an exciting day, especially for those of you who are into your surfing.


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