July 16, 2014
Mario Gotze almost joined Arsenal back in 2011‏

We have known for a few years now that Germany star Mario Gotze is a very talented player, capable of mixing it with some of the best players on the planet and, following the very exciting World Cup 2014, he really put himself up there with the best the world has to offer. Mario Gotze plys his trade for Bayern Munich in Germany but things could have been very different.
Mario Gotze made the move from Borussia Dortmund to Bayern Munich in 2013 but it seems that he almost joined Arsenal back in 2011. It is a well-known fact that Sir Alex Ferguson was looking at signing Mario for Manchester United but, according to supposed insiders Gotze was only interested in joining Arsenal in the English Premier League.
Unfortunately for English football, a deal was never made and it looks very unlikely that we will see Mario Gotze in the English Premier League any time soon. It is the German stars dream to play for Barcelona and we have no doubt that he will be playing in the Spanish La Liga sometime in the near future.
Germany manager Joachim Low is convinced that Mario Gotze is up there with the best players in the world and even told the player that he has what it takes to be better than Argentina star Lionel Messi.
Low explained, “I said to Götze: ‘OK, show the world you are better than Messi and can decide the World Cup,’ I told him that. I always had a good feeling about Götze. Götze is a miracle boy, a boy wonder. He can play any position up front. I know he’s always able to decide a match, and it was a great winner he scored."
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