December 11, 2014
Marie Avgeropoulos proving herself as 'more' than Taylor Lautner girlfriend

Marie Avgeropoulos is known to many entertainment fans as the girlfriend of actor Taylor Lautner and while that is an accurate statement it is nowhere close to being a 'complete' statement of how she is viewed by casting agents, directors and producers. 
The attractive actress has been showing herself to be a talented, beautiful actress since her emergence as Kirstie Nelson in the television series "Cult". She is now one of the feature actors in the hit television series "The 100", a dramatic science-fiction show that is set 97 years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization and a spaceship serving as host to humanity's lone survivors sends 100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth with the goal of re-populating the planet.
In addition to her starring role on the show she will also be playing a feature role in the movie "Tracers" opposite her real-life boyfriend which will be hitting the big screens in December 2014 and also in the movie "A Remarkable Life". 
Marie Avgeropoulos is an actress who is looking like she is going to be one of the big surprises in 2015. She is rumoured to be very good in the movie "Tracers" and she is going to show herself to be a very intriguing actress in the highly anticipated movie "A Remarkable Life" which revolves around a man whose identity and manhood are challenged when his wife Tracy leaves him for a female doctor.
This Canadian actress is showing herself to be one of the rising stars in Hollywood and someone who soon might be a headliner as a leading lady. She is the girlfriend of Taylor Lautner but who she should be known as is a talented, beautiful actress who is showing the ability to be a star leading lady. 


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