June 5, 2018
Margot Robbie does not need to help her "poor" brother

When you are related to one of the biggest superstars on the planet, it is sometimes only natural that you go to them to help you in times of need, especially if you are struggling financially. However, this is not always the case. Australian beauty Margot Robbie has become one of the biggest stars on the planet and her younger brother Cameron Robbie has insisted that he never turns to his sister for financial help.

Cameron explained, "It’s never so dire that I’m going to be like 'Hey, Margot!' I think the awesome thing is if you do have those situations, you can request things, pay things or split bills on the spot. It takes that awkwardness away from being like 'Hey, I want that money back!' Beem It essentially allows you to request payment, pay someone or split a bill instantly. You can transfer that money, no matter what bank your with, and it will be there in 10 seconds."

As well as talking about his love of the Beam It app and how it has been a big help to him financially, Cameron Robbie also went on to talk about how he likes to make light of his situation. Cameron often posts some fun and interesting videos on his social media accounts, showing how he is making the most of not having much money, especially when it comes to food.

Robbie added, "Anyone who knows me or knows my Instagram knows that I love to turn relatable everyday experiences into a little bit of fun. I think we've all been there when it’s a day or two away from payday and you realise 'I've spent way too much money this week, I need to hold back... whats in the cupboard? What sort of remnants do I have leftover? A bowl of pasta and some chips'."

Well we think Cameron Robbie is a little star in the making and could become a bigger star in his own right, should he actually want to.


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