November 12, 2014
Look out Hollywood, Bleona Qereti, the 'Madonna' of Albania has arrived!

Bleona Qereti has been in the United States since 2009 and for the most part has been 'under the radar' in terms of notoriety but that situation is changing thanks to her being included in the Bravo reality show "Euros of Hollywood".

As some fans have excitedly noted in social media conversations, 'look out Hollywood, here comes the Madonna of Albania'. This reality show is the ideal entertainment vehicle to introduce the American public to this beautiful and persistent superstar entertainer from Albania.

Her claim to fame in North America is that she released the Timbaland produced song "Pass Out" which has brought her notoriety because she admitted to visiting the producer's studio everyday for six months until he finally agreed to work with her. 

When described as the Madonna of Albania she makes it clear that her goal is not to be the "next Madonna but the first Bleona" (Bustle - Nov. 4) but her persistence concerning Timbaland and the fact that similar to Madonna she has her own group of loyal followers ("Bleonaires") has many social media entertainment observers believing that she is very similar to the "Material Girl". 

In Albania, she was recognized everywhere she went but in the United States she is barely known but that is starting to change thanks in large part to her stunning looks and fun personality. When a gorgeous, popular Eastern European entertainer who loves to dress in sexy, provocative clothes becomes part of a reality show in the United States one thing that is sure to accompany her is attention. 

She has been discovered by American men on the Internet and they are loving her looks and personality and the only complaint of her that they have is she needs a better social media presence. 

Reality show fans should get their television 'snacks' ready because Bleona Qereti is now part of Hollywood which means the real fun is just about to begin as she takes the next step to introducing herself to the American public. 


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