March 23, 2016
Lina Posada helping to promote her daughters YouTube channel

Colombian beauty Lina Posada has been working hard in the entertainment industry for many years now and has gone on to enjoy plenty of success along the way. As well as enjoying a long and successful career, Lina has also enjoyed a fairly happy personal life, especially when it comes to the fact that she has a very beautiful young family that she has done a great job of raising so far.
Lina Posada has a beautiful young daughter who she is obviously very proud of, and it seems that her daughter could well follow in the footsteps of her mother in the future, as she clearly has plenty of talent of her own. Lina has now been doing her bit to help her daughter, taking to her official social media accounts, in order to help to boost her daughters official YouTube channel.
Along with a video of her daughter, Posada added the caption, "Thank you all for the support to my daughters youtube channel, if you have not seen her video yet, you are missing out on the funniest video !!!! YOUTUBEOn with exclamation mark with left-right arrow abovejulieta snowleopard Thanks to todossss for supporting my daughter in her youtube channel !! If youhave not seen your videos are missing fit very cute and funny videitos Grinning face with smiling eyes Face with tears of joy for all ages seek it in YOUTUBE On with exclamation mark with left-right arrow above as julieta snowleopard ... Thank you so much !!#nottolaughchallenge". She certainly is impressive.
While we love seeing what new projects Lina Posada has to bring our way, it looks like we could see her daughter becoming a star of the future. Who knows, maybe they could become a double act in the future. Watch this space!


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