June 12, 2014
Laura Prepon talks Orange is the New Black season 3

Actress Laura Prepon has had a very interesting career over the years and fans were delighted to see her in the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black last year. The show was a big hit and was soon picked up for a second season, which is out now on Netflix but, unfortunately for fans of the actress, she only appears in a few episodes of Orange is the New Black season two.
While that is obviously not the best of news for Laura Prepon or her fans, there is some good news, as Orange is the New Black is already working on its next season, which Laura has been talking about. Laura says that she will appear in every single episode of Orange is the New Black season three.
Prepon explained, "Netflix doesn't do the standard contract of blocking you off for a few years, so I had a conflict come up. It's since been handled and we've started season three and I'm in every episode. I'm so bummed that I wasn't in season two more. Sorry you guys! But season three, we're already shooting and it's going to be awesome."
One of the main factors that drew Laura Prepon to appearing in Orange is the New Black is the fact that the series has so many strong female characters in it. Laura said that it was nice to work with a team of people who were not afraid to make strong female characters the main focus of an entire series.
Prepon added, "I honestly don't think there is another show on television right now which has as many strong, independent female characters. Netflix is awesome because we totally push the envelope. [Creator] Jenji Cohen - nothing is taboo for her - we go there -  and our viewers are smart they want compelling TV and now it's more competitive than ever. I got one of the scripts and I was like "Oh my God." It's also so exciting because that's when you grow as an actress when you're totally out of your comfort zone."
Orange is the New Black season two is now available to watch on Netflix, while Orange is the New Black season three will be available next year.


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