August 11, 2011
Kris Smith loving life with Dannii Minogue but ashamed of UK riots

British rugby star Kris Smith has admitted that he is currently loving his life at the moment and could not be happier, with his wife Dannii Minogue and their 1 year old son Ethan. However, he did admit that he is ashamed of the actions taking place by sections of society during the recent UK riots.

Kris explained, "We're going great guns at the moment, enjoying life in Melbourne and little Ethan, who is growing more and more every day. I'm probably not ideal weight but if nothing else, people can have a laugh." He then went on to tell of his disgust over what is happening in his home country.
Smith added, "I'm really ashamed and really gutted that this is happening. I haven't been able to get hold of [my parents] but I know they're okay. There's only one lucky thing to come from all of this - these people aren't trying to attack other people, they're just trying to get things for nothing. It's disgusting." Kris Smith is currently spending time in Australia with Dannii Minogue and their son.


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