February 13, 2018
Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick remain civil for the kids

There have been many celebrity break ups over the years, with some of them being very civil and the two being happy to just go their own separate ways, while others have been very messy, with the couple deciding to have digs at each other in public. However, when it comes to a couple having children and then going on to split, things can be a lot more difficult for everyone involved.
Reality television star Kourtney Kardashian was married to Scott Disick, with whom she has three children, and since the couple split there has been some bad blood between them. Now though, it has been claimed that Kourtney and Scott are going to remain civil for the sake of their children, with Kardashian even being happy that Disick has got his life together, at long last.
A supposed insider suggested, "The initial reaction from Kourtney when she found out that Scott was dating Sofia was not positive. Like most people, she thinks Sofia is way too young for him and doesn't get it. He has very much shaped up in the past few months. Kourtney is happy Scott is doing better. Things between Kourtney and Scott are civil."
The source added, "Kourtney didn't think it would last and she never thought Sofia was going to meet her kids. But now, Sofia spends a lot of time at Scott's, so Kourtney allowed her to meet the kids. She has met them a few times. For a while, the kids didn't see their dad on a regular basis. It was very sad, because they missed Scott. Now, he sees his kids every week."
We are glad to see that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are going to remain civil with one another, even if it is only for the sake of their children.


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