April 6, 2018
Khloe Kardashian not making her daughter's birth public

Reality television star Khloe Kardashian has been with her partner Tristan Thompson for quite a while now and the couple are expecting their first baby together. While a lot of stars like to make big announcements about the birth of their new born baby, it has been claimed that Khloe and Tristan are going to keep things a secret for a while after their daughter is born.

A supposed insider was chatting to The Sun newspaper, when they explained, "She may be on a roll now documenting her bump and revealing everything about her soon-to-arrive daughter, but in fact Khloe is terrified because it's her first baby, so she's doing a total blackout on it. Her plan is to keep everything secret for a few days - just like Kylie [Jenner, her half-sister] did."
While we would all love to know when the baby is born, Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are actually doing something which we admire about such big stars. Rather than splashing the birth all over social media, the couple are going to make sure that both of their families have the chance to meet her before they make a public announcement about it.
The source added, "They really want a few days to themselves before the circus starts. Khloe knows fans will be desperate for news, but unless she demands the time to enjoy her first few days as a mum, things will go crazy immediately. She wants some time to take it all in and to catch her breath for as long as she can - this is precious to her."
Well we cannot wait to finally meet the baby, when you guys are good and ready.


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