August 31, 2014
Kenda Perez's hot UFC photos and beauty bring fans to UFC 177

Kenda Perez attracts attention, especially the attention of men similar to how honey attracts bees. Whereever she is whether it be on the Internet, televison or at a UFC event men will find her and come just to meet her. This phenomena is currently occurring at UFC 177 in Sacramento as she has been there promoting the upcoming fights and fans, men and women, have been coming to the promotion events and getting tickets for the fights in large part because she will be part of the event.

Pictures of her at a promotional events earlier in the week taking pictures with UFC fighters Travis Browne and Menace Bermudez while wearing a light blue 'short' summer dress have been attracting attention on the Internet and seems to have resulted in many fans making their way to the UFC promotional events in Sacramento. 

Her popularity as UFC model has its origins in some of the pictures on the Internet of her modelling for magazines such as Maxim and also her recent appearance in the UFC magazine in which she happens to show off her sensational figure in a hot red and black bikini while standing in a pool. This picture as well as her many swimsuit pictures found on the Internet have made her one of the more well known UFC models. 

It is possible that UFC 177 is going to have a very good attendance and it is something that fans and social media entertainment observers will rightfully attribute in part to the presence of Kenda Perez as part of the promotional team. It is this popularity that has also attracted the attention of some in the entertainment industry, notably music video producers and filmmakers who can envision her as part of their projects. It is not a 'stretch' of the imagination to envision the gorgeous Kenda Perez as the object of desire or femme fatale in a music video or movie as her growing fan base would definitely support any project she is part of. 

Kenda Perez is at UFC 177 turning heads but fans and some social media entertainment observers are anticipating that this beautiful Latino model/host might be one of the next UFC models who will be balancing her UFC commitments with music video and film roles in the near future.


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