January 30, 2014
Kelly Brook looks like Sloth from The Goonies without makeup

British model, actress and television personality Kelly Brook is a very good-looking woman, who many a man would love to have on their arm. Kelly has been in the modelling game for many years now and has been on plenty of sexiest women in the world lists on many occasions over the years.

While most men you would ask would say that they find Kelly Brook attractive and would love to date her, there is one man who says he would not go anywhere near her. British funnyman Keith Lemon has worked with Kelly on many occasions and he claims that Brook is a completely different woman when the makeup comes off.

Lemon joked, "You can ask Kelly about which fella she’s dating. It’s not me. I wouldn’t date her anyway she’s a troll. I’ve seen her without makeup on. She looks like Sloth from The Goonies. 'Hey you Guys'. Then they just paint Kelly Brook on her face.” 

Fortunately Kelly Brook has worked with Keith Lemon enough times to know what he is like and not take offence by his cheeky comments. Then there is the fact that Kelly has had a string of handsome boyfriends over the years, including the likes of Hollywood hunks Jason Statham and Billy Zane, as well as rugby players Danny Cipriani and Tom Evans, so she can't be that bad.

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