August 5, 2012
Katy Perry Spotted Leaving John Mayer's House Morning After Hot Date

Just good friends, Katy Perry and John Mayer?

Katy and John continue to add fuel to the fire that a romance is blossoming between the two musicians. Judging by recent gossip that Katy was spotted leaving John's place in the early hours of the morning following a hot date, tha pair appear to be very much an item.

The good looking pair were spotted leaving a little dinner date at Chateau Marmont on Wednesday night. Afterwards they jumped into John's car and headed off to an unknown location - presumably his place.

And now, eye witnesses say they saw them both the morning after their after-hours rendezvous.

While the supposed couple continue to try to dodge the cameras, it won't be long before the pair can no longer deny their relationship.

And Katy seems to have it all worked out when it comes to a personal-private life balance. She recently opened up about her split from British comic Russell Brand, and the tears she often faced immediately before appearing on stage.

However, Katy insisted she never lets her emotions get in the way of her performances, as she doesn't want to pass her problems on to her fans.


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