February 6, 2015
Katy Perry offering Taylor Swift an olive branch?

There have been many celebrity battles over the years and, with the advancements in technology over the years and Twitter being bigger than ever, it is now easier than ever for two celebrities to get involved in a war of words. One of the most recently celebrity beefs is that of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, with the two stars having little digs at one another.

However, while some of these celebrity war of words can drag on for what feels like forever, it looks like this one might just be coming to an end. It seems that Katy Perry has offered an olive branch to Taylor Swift, by making some very pleasant comments about her fellow musician, showing that Katy is ready to put it all behind her.

Perry recently told Elle magazine, "You’ve got to name someone the villain, someone the princess, someone the mom-, the dad-type—you know there always have to be characters. As pop figures, we’re all characters. And the media uses that. Who is the sweetheart, who is the villain? You know. Taylor‘s the sweetheart. [Kanye West’s] the villain. That’s the narrative."

With that said though, Katy Perry did have a little bit of a dig at Taylor Swift during her half-time performance at the Super Bowl and, while many thought Katy was impressive on the night, it has been claimed that Taylor was nitpicking the whole thing. We have to admit that we are fans of both these women and hope that they can kiss and make up in the very near future. Watch this space!


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