December 12, 2017
Katie Cassidy continues to mix DCTV role with new movie projects

Hollywood actress Katie Cassidy has enjoyed a relatively long career in the acting industry, enjoying her fair share of success along the way, taking on some roles that have been very enjoyable to watch in some projects on both the big screen and the small screen. It is no surprise then, that Katie has become a very in demand actress, with a number of new acting projects coming her way on a regular basis.
With that said, it is probably now fair to say that Katie Cassidy has now become best known for playing the role of Laurel Lance aka Black Canary in the DCTV universe, a role which she continues to work on, while also taking on new movie projects when she has the chance. Katie has two new movies that she is involved in, which are still waiting to hit the big screen in the near future.
Katie Cassidy has a role in the new movie project Grace, which sees her sharing the big screen with the likes of Tate Donovan, Missi Pyle, Matthew Lillard, and Debby Ryan, among others. As well as that, we will also see the beautiful actress appearing in the new film Cover Versions, starring alongside Drake Bell, Jerry Trainor, Austin Swift, and Debby Ryan again. Both movies are awaiting an official release date.
So, while we absolutely love getting to see Katie Cassidy continuing in her role as Laurel Lance aka Black Canary in the DCTV universe, we are also looking forward to seeing any new acting projects that she decides to take on in the future, including these two upcoming new movies.


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