April 2, 2018
Kate Upton will never land a comic book movie role

There have been many models turning to acting over the years and while some of them fail to impress with their acting talent, or lack of, there are others who have managed to make a name for themselves in Hollywood. American beauty Kate Upton is one of the biggest and best models to ever grace the modelling scene but she has not exactly had the same success on the acting scene.

With that said though, there have been some people who have suggested that Kate Upton could be the perfect choice to be cast in the role of Supergirl in the DC Extended Universe, giving her the chance to really impress on the big screen in a huge movie project. However, while we do like Kate and we would love to see her becoming a top Hollywood actress, we do not think she will ever appear in a comic book movie.

The DC Extended Universe is a bit of a mess right now and they will be eager to make sure that their future movie projects are a success, which will mean having to please the fans who always have a big opinion about who should be cast in which role. It is hard to imagine the comic book movie fans wanting to see Kate Upton cast in any comic book role, let alone as Supergirl, which will make it very difficult for her to land such a role.

However, Kate Upton is still landing movie roles and is still enjoying her acting career, and she has not really shown any big interest in landing a comic book movie role, so it will be of no great loss to her. We do want to see Kate taking on some more serious roles but for now we are just pleased to see her working her way up the Hollywood ladder.


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