July 2, 2019
Kate Hudson, Jason Statham, Ed O'Neil: Hollywood stars who were former sports stars

Celebrities all over the world love a variety of different sports, with some just enjoying the atmosphere of attending a game, to those who actually end up buying their own sports teams that they can run. Then there are those who have played sports, from stars who love playing poker, to those who just enjoy a pick up game of basketball. Here, we will take a look at some of the Hollywood stars who were once big sports stars.

Kate Hudson

While Kate Hudson is now considered one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses in the business, she was actually very good at sport when she was younger. Kate might not have made it to the very top, but she was considered a very good soccer player when she was in High School.

Ed O'Neill

Over the years, Ed O'Neill has played some great comedy characters on our television screens, arguably becoming most famous these days for his role in Modern Family. However, back in his younger years, Ed was regarded as a promising football player, being snapped up by the Pittsburgh Steelers, although he never quite made the cut as an NFL star, instead turning to acting.

Jason Statham

Now this one is possibly one of the most interesting of the bunch. English actor Jason Statham has become well-known for playing tough guys on the big screen, but did you know that he was actually a world-class diver. Jason represented the UK at the Commonwealth Games back in 1990 and almost made it into the Olympics, before acting took over his life instead.


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