January 23, 2015
Kangana Ranaut responds to Deepika Padukone praise

There is a huge amount of acting talent in Bollywood at the moment, with the actresses proving themselves just as talented as the actors in the industry at the moment. There are a lot of beautiful and talented actresses in Bollywood right now, some of whom have been establishing themselves for many years, while others are coming through and making a name for themselves in the industry.

Actress Deepika Padukone has been in the acting industry for many years now and she has established herself as one of the biggest and best actresses in Bollywood. Deepika recently won a Best Actress award for her performance in the movie Happy New Year and, while accepting her award, Padukone praised fellow actress Kangana Ranaut, saying, "Thank you for this award, but I believe that this year belonged to Kangana. So, Kangana, this one's for you."

Meanwhle, Kangana Ranaut was recently speaking to Bollywood Life, when they asked the actress how she felt about the kind words, to which Kangana replied, "Yes, I heard about that, but I hope someday, she would tell me in person what she feels about my work. I would appreciate that a lot more."

Kangana Ranaut won rave reviews from fans and critics alike, for her performance in the Vikas Bahl comedy movie Queen and the actress will be looking to continue proving her acting talent in her future projects. As for Deepika Padukone, she cannot seem to do any wrong at the moment, with four back to back hits during 2014, with more expected for 2015 and the future.


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