March 21, 2012
Josh Hutcherson explains The Hunger Games atmosphere

The Hunger Games actor, Josh Hutcherson, has revealed that he had a fantastic time on the set of the Gary Ross movie, as everybody was really nice. Josh did admit that it was a bit strange filming scenes where you hate somebody and then being their friend once the cameras stop rolling.

Hutcherson explained, “It was great – honestly, one of my favourite things about acting is working with interesting, cool people, and everyone they cast in this movie I love so much. The Tributes were incredible, and it was kind of funny to do a scene where you’d be terrified of them and fighting for your life and then be like ‘oh hey, what’s up? Let’s go get some lunch!’”
He added, “It’s kind of a funny dynamic, but that happens on a lot of sets, you do a scene where you’re fighting with somebody and then you cut and you’re actually good friends.”
You can catch Josh Hutcherson in The Hunger Games, starring alongside Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks and Woody Harrelson, when the movie is released on March 23.
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