May 14, 2015
Jordan Carver tipping model friend Jenna Jenovich for the top

While the top supermodels in the business get a lot of attention on a daily basis, there are other models out there, working hard every day just to get s little bit of recognition that their hard work and talent deserves. We have become big fans of a number of these lesser known models over the years, including the stunning beautiful German model Jordan Carver, who is someone you all need to familiarise yourself with.
Anyway, Jordan Carver has enjoyed a rather steady rise in the modelling game over the years, even turning her hand to acting a few times along the way. Now that Jordan has been getting a lot more attention, with her fanbase growing all the time, she has decided to try to help out one of her friends, who is also a model on the rise in the industry and is definitely worth checking out.
Jordan Carver has been urging her fans and followers to share the love with her good friend Jenna Jenovich, who she tips for the top. Jordan has taken to her official social media accounts to say, "My gorgeous WCW. Go follow my friend Jenna Jenovich," as well as "Go Follow my beautiful friend Jenna Jenovich," while linking to the Jenna Jenovich Facebook page.
For those of you who wish to know more about Jenna Jenovich, she was born in Serbia, before moving to Germany in 1993 and then immigrating to the US in 1999. Jenna has been modelling since she was just 14 years old and her playful and fun attitude have made her a joy to work with. Jenovich has landed plenty of modelling work over the years, travelling all over and show real potential.
If Jordan Carver is a fan of Jenna Jenovich, then so are we, and so should you be!


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