July 11, 2014
Joe Manganiello nude scenes in True Blood were hard to film‏

Actor Joe Manganiello has been in the entertainment industry for quite a few years now but he saw his career really take off when he was cast in the role of Alcide Herveaux in the hit HBO vampire drama series True Blood. This role has led to many more doors opening for the star and we have seen him taking on some exciting roles in some interesting movies.
In his role as Alcide Herveaux in True Blood, we get to see quite a lot of Joe Manganiello nude scenes and, while people watching the show would think nothing of it, it seems that it is a lot more difficult to shoot than you might think. Joe has opened up about filming the True Blood nude scenes, revealing just how difficult they were to do.
Manganiello explained, "Everybody thinks, 'Oh, we film in (Los Angeles), it's got to be warm.' Well, it's Malibu, in the middle of the night, it's near the ocean, it's like December or January and you have to lay on the ground with nothing on and it's freezing. I just hear this megaphone somewhere off in the distance like, 'Stop rattling, stop shaking.' I'm like, 'I'm trying really hard...'".
You can catch Joe Manganiello in his, now familiar role of Alcide Herveaux, in the seventh and final season of True Blood, which airs on Sunday evenings on HBO in the US. Meanwhile, True Blood season seven airs on FOX in the UK on Monday nights at 9pm. Joe is also set to reprise his role as Big Dick Richie in Magic Mike XXL.


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