July 2, 2014
Joe Manganiello chosen as Hottest Bachelor by PEOPLE's magazine

Actor Joe Manganiello has been chosen as the hottest bachelor of 2014 by People's Magazine and it is a choice that people on social media are very happy about. The "True Blood" star appears on the cover of the July 2014 issue looking incredibly sexy while wearing a wet white shirt opened up to show off his abdominal six-pace and strong arms. He is wearing a goatee and a moustache and he looks like the man that some women might dream about at night or look at on the cover of a Harlequin romance novel.
In his People magazine interview he discloses that he is a passionate, hot-blooded individual and thus if someone does not like "spicy" then he is probably not the one for them. 
The actor who is known for playing Alcide, the werewolf on HBO's hit television series "True Blood" works not only in front of the camera but also behind the camera to the likely chagrin of some of his female fans. He made his directorial debut with the documentary "La Bare", an insider's look at the most popular male strip club in the world, La Bare Dallas which received very good reviews and some might expect probably helped him in his preparation to reprise his role as a stripper for the upcoming "Magic Mike" sequel. 
Joe Manganiello's interview provides many insights about why women love this actor so much. For example, in discussing his feelings about love he discusses how he believes that the crazy love one has at the beginning of a relationship turns into 'like' and 'need' in the sense that he must both 'like' a person and also 'need' a person which corresponds to his hot, passionate nature. 
He also admits that he is at his best when he has someone to wake up beside and that he is a huge proponent of a woman's smell (hint to all women: make sure you have your perfume fragrances working). 
Joe Manganiello, the hottest bachelor of 2014 has provided the hints about what he finds attractive and needs in his life and with this 2014 People cover photo entertainment insiders suspect that some women might find him an appetizing delight that justifies an investment in both the magazine and the best perfume fragrances. 


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