July 8, 2016
Jocelyn Corona shows the positive changes in the modelling industry

There was once a time when the modelling industry was set in its ways and people were calling for it to get with the times and start moving away from its outdated ideas and views. The problem was, the modelling industry only ever signed up super skinny models, which was not good for the women involved, or the women who were fans of the models and the business.

A lot of models over the years have come out to reveal how they would starve themselves before fashion shows, in order to look skinnier, while others have admitted to making themselves sick before hitting the runway. Then there are the models who developed eating disorders, which also affected millions of women around the world, who went to extreme lengths to look like these models.

Fortunately though, the modelling industry has started to come to its senses and has been making some positive changes, which has seen a number of plus-size models coming through and making a name for themselves. This is great for the every day woman, as it shows that you do not have to be super skinny to be sexy, and that you should be proud of the body you have.

One of the top plus-size models in the business is the beautiful Jocelyn Corona, who has been enjoying her rise in the modelling industry. Jocelyn is absolutely gorgeous and is the perfect example of the positive changes being made in the modelling world. We have become huge fans of Miss Corona and hope to see plenty more of her over the coming years.


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