March 12, 2014
Joanna Krupa and Brandi Glanville in war of words

There have been a lot of different feuds on the different versions of the hit reality television series Real Housewives, so it is no surprise that there is a new one going on, which has been running for a few months now. It all started back in November last year, when Real Housewives of Miami star Brandi Glanville had a few choice words to say about her co-star Joanna Krupa.

Brandi claimed that Joanna was responsible for the break-up of the marriage of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster and her ex-husband Mohamed Hadid. However, Joanna has now hit back at Brandi stating that, while she liked her when she first joined the show, she has now realised that she is nasty and full of lies.

Krupa told Access Hollywood Live, "Well, Brandi started the whole thing. I actually was a fan of hers when she first came on the show. Then she started calling me a home wrecker and calling me all these names. I've known the guy for 10 years, he's a dear friend of mine. I never hooked up with him. I never broke up a marriage. I had a boyfriend at the time that I met him, let's put it that way. And he was separated form Yolanda. So I'm not a home wrecker, that's for sure."

As well as continuing this war of words with Brandi Glanville, Joanna Krupa also addressed the reports that she was looking to make the switch to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stating that, while she is friends with a lot of women from that series, it is all just a rumour that she will join the show.


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