November 18, 2013
Joakim Noah's time of the court continues to increase

Joakim Noah, you may know him as the super star center that helped take the Florida Gators to a National Championship a few years back. However, since then his time in the NBA has gone well, but not quite as smoothly as many hoped. He started out his season this year with the Chicago Bulls with less playing time than is typical for the center that we are so used to seeing on the court.
He started the season recovering from an offseason injury, a pulled groin, and it has definitely effected his playing time. He only played 19 minutes and 45 seconds in preseason games and has this to say about his recovery, "I missed a lot of time early in the year. It's tough. I feel like I had a great summer working out. I'm not trying to get down on myself. I'm just trying to work every day and get better." And coach Thibodeau seems to agree with this sentiment. He says that Noah is a "work in progress" but continues to remain encourage by his continual recovery.
Noah plays an essential part in the team's success on the court and all seem to be rallying behind him. Teammates and coaches say that they have nothing but respect for him and continue to monitor his recovery.
So It may be a rocky start, but coach Tom Thibodeau is hopeful and says that "each day is better and better." And all of us who have followed Noah since his days with Gators, sure hope for a speedy recovery so we can see him back dominating the court as soon as possible.


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