May 21, 2014
Jessica Simpson opens up about her battle with her weight and her family life

There is no denying that Jessica Simpson is one of the most beautiful woman on the planet and, on her day, there are not many women out there who can rival her beauty. Over the course of her life, Jessica has had a lot of battles with her weight, piling on the pounds before then losing them again, before repeating the process again.
This battle that Jessica Simpson has had with her weight was certainly not helped by her pregnancies but she has still managed to dig deep and work hard and get herself back into great shape again. Jessica has now opened up about her battle with her weight, admitting that she can easily relate to most women out there.
Simpson was a guest on Today earlier in the week, when she told Savannah Guthrie, "I think that I can relate to every woman out there. I have been every size there is, so I know how to dress every body type."
With that said, having given birth to her two beautiful children has actually gone a long way to helping Jessica Simpson to shed some of the extra pounds that she gained during pregnancy. Jessica says that running around after her children everyday has certainly been and added weight loss bonus.
Simpson added, "We get up with the kids. We do breakfast. I’m always with my loving fiancé who I adore more than anything, well, of course, my kids. They’re all equal."
Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson announced that they had gotten engaged back in November 2010 and they are expected to marry sometime later this year. The couple have two children together, two-year old Maxwell and 11 month old Ace.


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