June 4, 2015
Jessica Cediel wins new fans with feisty response to social media trolls

Jessica Cediel several months ago moved from Colombia to Mexico for work as one of the presenters of Univision and it seems that her making the move has not endeared her to a small faction of fans on social media who decided to attempt to 'bully' the gorgeous entertainment personality (Publimetro  May 29). 
What the social media 'trolls' likely did not anticipate is that despite her having moved to pursue her entertainment career she still possesses the fire of a Colombian which she demonstrated with her willingness to reside to the criticisms of her body and voice on social media,
The attractive Latino entertainment personality in fighting back has put a spotlight on a new philosophy that seems to be gaining favour with many celebrities as they are starting to no longer 'ignore' the bullying by individuals on social media but instead are putting the spotlight on these people by recommending that they do not follow them. 
There is a groundswell of support starting to emerge on social media in which entertainment fans are tiring of being the only people to defend their celebrities and now are more willing to defend a celebrity if the entertainment personality shows a willingness to respond to 'unfair' or unwarranted criticism and Jessica Cediel seems to have recognized this. 
Some social media entertainment observers have noticed how this popular entertainment personality is attracting more fans and has some people thinking that with her growing popularity she might be one of the next Colombians to break into the U.S. market as an actress.
A popular entertainment personality/actress who is feisty and beautiful is someone entertainment fans will support and one person who is attracting attention both with fans from Colombia and abroad is the scintillating protagonist from the 2014 movie "All For One", Jessica Cediel.


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