June 10, 2014
Jessica Cediel begins new role with Univision talking Brazil World Cup

Colombian actress, model and entertainment personality Jessica Cediel is renowned for her beauty and in Colombia was one of the most popular personalities on television. However, several months ago she resigned from her role at RCN because she was interested in pursuing some different, bigger opportunities and recently signed with Univsion, the number one Spanish speaking television network in the United States based out of Miami. 

Some entertainment insiders suspect that just the rumour that she will be presenting on Univision will increase the ratings of her shows and in what many consider a masterful move by Univision it has been announced that her first assignment will be presenting on the 2014 World Cup of Brazil. The presence of Jessica Cediel talking about the World Cup of football will have many a man glued to the television as they can enjoy two of their favorite occupations, football and the company of a beautiful woman at the same time. 

Jessica Cediel's new contract with Univison has ensured that she will be providing entertainment news but also she is rumoured to be taking on a role in an action movie in Miami. Thus the beautiful model/presenter is preparing to move into the world of acting in the United States and with her popularity throughout South America she has the potential to become an international star as an actress.

Her move to Univision will enable her to broaden her entertainment platform while still maintaining her Colombian connections and commitments. 

The Colombian endorsers of this talented individual such as the watch company "Mulco" are likely very pleased because now she will be marketing their product to an even larger audience on a daily basis as a presenter on Univision which is shown throughout the United States and many Latin American countries. 

The move to Univision represents a new opportunity for this Colombian bombshell and the fact that she has already drawn an assignment that will be one of the most watched events on television which will likely make her one of the more popular faces of the Univision network provides an example of how valued a commodity she is as an entertainment presenter and the potential that many believe she possesses.


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