December 24, 2013
Jeremy Clarkson takes another route with PQ 17

Jeremy Clarkson star and originator of the BBC's long running hit television show ”Top Gear” steps outside of his normal role while retracing an Arctic route that the British Royal Navy, and merchant ships took to deliver war supplies to the Soviet Union during “World War II”. The frigid Arctic conditions can prove as deadly today as they had nearly 70 years ago, and Clarkson immediately remarks as to how chilled one can become after only a few moments on deck, despite layers of modern day thermal clothing.
Titled: PQ 17 - “An Arctic Convoy Disaster”, Clarkson will provide commentary for this historical documentary which airs on BBC2 very early in January of “2014”. Clarkson and crew filmed the documentary while living aboard an icebreaker vessel, following the very route taken by the seamen in the 1940’s.
Even though Jeremy Clarkson is better known for his satirical views and automotive opinion he is no stranger to military themed programming. In “2007”Jeremy Clarkson originated and produced “Operation Chariot" a documentary about a 1942 commando raid on Saint-Nazaire. Additionally Clarkson often works to help raise money for programs that benefit British Servicemen.
Certainly Clarkson's open style of speaking and descriptive verbiage will help us with to understand what the crews must have experienced during this war ravaged time. In this documentary "An Arctic Convoy Disaster" Jeremy Clarkson will no doubt reveal his wit and charm, but it is likely he will leave his trademark cynicism in neutral, or at the very least - "Low gear".


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