July 18, 2014
Jenna Pietersen model star potential seen through Popoholic pictures

Jenna Pietersen is a model with a dilemma. She has the attention of men's websites in North America due to her stunning model photos for the Lingadore Spring/Summer 2014 campaign but in the eyes of some fashion insiders she is putting much more attention on her fashion/lifestyle blog. This would not be much of a dilemma if it were not for the fact that her lingerie pictures are what seem to draw the most attention. 
When fashion insiders and men's websites came across her lingerie pictures it resulted in many asking who is this beautiful South African model and when will we see more of her? Some of her lingerie pictures have even attracted the attention of music video and filmmakers as her stunning body and face has some admitting that she is one of those models who would leave viewers wanting to see more of her and definitely remembering her every move. 
Sometimes the greatest challenge for a model can be focusing on what they are great at and using that to propel their modelling career forward. Jenna Pietersen is a model whose swimsuit and lingerie pictures have the potential to turn her into a international model sensation and have placed her on the radars of fashion agents not only throughout Europe but also North America. 
If Jenna Pietersen is able to truly focus on herself as a lingerie and swimsuit model and mix in some select clothing modelling assignments it is very likely she can become a very popular model who could eventually make the transition as a fashion commentator/brand ambassador or even into the world of television and movies. 
Jenna Pietersen is a model who might become one of the next fashion stars to come out of South Africa


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