October 15, 2013
Jay-Z, Pamela Anderson, Chris Martin: DSTRKT club is the London celebrity hangout

There are many different celebrity hangouts all over the world and it does not take long for them to become public knowledge, as fans are quick to let their friends, family and the rest of the world know that they have seen a star while out and about. Just like the rest of us, celebrities love to relax and unwind in a club or bar, such as the DSTRKT.

DSTRKT is a club and bar that is situated in the West End of London and boasts the fact that it has a regular celebrity clientele. A whole host of stars have been seen at DSTRKT over the years, from rapper Jay-Z, to model Pamela Anderson, to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

It is fair to say that the DSTRKT is not exactly the cheapest of clubs or bars, even for London, which you realise once one see the VIP Lounge. The bar in the VIP Lounge is one of a kind, as it is made of precious stone and the sound system is as expensive as they come.

If you have a fair amount of money to burn and fancy rubbing shoulders with some of the rich and famous on the dance floor, then DSTRKT Club London is most definitely the place to be.


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