March 4, 2015
Is Aaron Taylor-Johnson getting ready to move behind the camera?

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a talented actor who still has a very bright career ahead of him but there are some fans and entertainment insiders who think that he is much smarter than the media is giving him credit for being. 
Most actors will think about moving behind the camera and producing or directing in the latter stages of their career but this talented actor seems as if he is looking into making that move much earlier after his wife, Sam Taylor-Johnson revealed that he had seen 'Fifty Shades of Grey' "a thousand times" (February 28 - The Hamilton Spectator).
One can imagine that if he was not interested in directing only acting that even the most dutiful husband would have found some excuse not to watch the movie so often with his wife, who is the director of the movie. 
She revealed that despite the ban on any clips of the movie being revealed before it's official premier that her husband had worked on the script from the beginning up until the very end because she needed to bounce ideas and that his feedback was invaluable. 
The actor's next project is "Avengers: Age of Ultron" in which he plays the role of Quicksilver and he admitted in interviews that he understands he will be playing the role in multiple films but since he is a fan of the show that will not be a problem. 
One thing that is interesting is that this very talented actor who left American audiences enthralled with his acting in the movie "Savages" has no projects lined up after the release of his "Avengers" movie and thus has some entertainment insiders wondering if he is already getting ready to make the move behind the camera in the near future or if he is just being very selective with his projects?
Aaron Taylor-Johnson, star actor and future star director? It does not sound far-fetched when one realizes that he is an accomplished actor and with his wife being a star director who not only shares her directing experiences with him but also consults with him on projects such as "50 Shades of Grey" he is very likely learning a large amount about what it takes to be a superb director. 
Aaron Taylor-Johnson, an actor and director star of the future. 


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