January 31, 2013
Ian Somerhalder to beef up for Celebrity Beach Bowl

The Vampire Diaries actor Ian Somerhalder is one of the many stars who are set to appear at this year’s Celebrity Beach Bowl. Ian has now been talking about how he is going to prepare for the big game, saying that he is going to try and beef up, in a bid to compete with the former NFL stars.
Somerhalder explained to Entertainment Weekly, “I think what I’m gonna do is just eat a lot, because a guy like Deion Sanders or someone hits you, you better have some cushion.”
Ian also admitted that he was hoping to score so that we can all here the song he has chosen, “When they do the football game, they say, ‘Hey, if you were to score, what kind of song do you want to play?’ So apparently they play one over the speakers, which will be cool. I’ll be curious to see if you like my song,” he added.
DirecTV’s 7th annual flag-football Celebrity Beach Bowl takes place this Saturday. Meanwhile, you can catch Ian Somerhalder in his familiar role of Damon Salvatore in the hit The CW vampires series The Vampire Diaries, which continues with its latest episode tonight.


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