October 25, 2013
How long will the Bitstrips success last?

When a new app is released for Smartphones it is going to go one of two ways, either becoming a huge success or a total flop. Bitstrips is the latest app to be made available for Apple iOS and Android and it has become the latest app to take the world by storm.

CEO Jacob Blackstock told the Baltimore Sun, "Bitstrips is hard to categorize because it's not a game. It's a new way to express yourself and interact with your friends. Instead of posting the same things as everyone else, you can create something that relates to your life."

Meanwhile, Bitstrip vp of marketing Shahan Panth told Venturebeat, "We’ve done zero advertising, and our acquisition cost so far has been nothing. We attribute it to striking a chord with people and providing a visual element to online communication that has been missing."

Bitstrips lets its users create their own animated avatar, who becomes star of their own single-panel comic strips. Users can then add friends to the comic strip in stories that boast over 1,000 customisable scenes. These images can then instantly be shared on Facebook and other social media sites.
As with most apps though, it is likely that Bitstrips will only be around for so long and, once parents and grandparents begin using the app, it will soon lose its appeal.


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