October 28, 2013
How is life for Michael Weatherly after Cote de Pablo leaving NCIS?

Cote de Pablo's decision to leave the number one rated show on TV, NCIS, shocked most fans. As a result of her decision, her co-star, Michael Weatherly, who plays Tony DiNozzo, is getting fantastic material to mourn his loss.
Weatherly states to TV Guide that de Pablo's sudden departure made the rest of the cast lock into a newish rhythm that feels surprising comfortable and classic NCIS. He goes on to say, "I'm elated by the energy that comes out of this place, and the guest stars who come through is like solid gold. There will not be a parade of guest stars for long. NCIS has cast Emily Wickersham to play Bishop. She will be dePablo's successor.
Last Tuesday episode of NCIS titled, "Once a Crook", shows how unbalanced DiNozzo is after Ziva David's move to Israel. He is having difficulty adjusting and processing his emotions. Ziva still has a threat on her head, and DiNozzo is worried. She was not only a potential love interest. She was his best friend.
In the episode, DiNozzo is faced with an old suspect from the past. The show used flashbacks from 1998 to compare and contrast how much Ziva's absence has plagued DiNozzo. "Once a Crook" showed us that Michael Weatherly is a fantastic actor. Michael Weatherly does a great job distinguishing the 2013 sleep deprived burden DiNozzo from the care free guy he was in 1998. You can see more of Michael Weatherly's superb acting on Tuesdays on CBS 8/7C.


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