August 4, 2014
Heather Graham has a small supporting role in 'Horns'

Heather Graham is best known these days for The Hangover franchise and her role on Californiacation, but her movie career hasn't taken off the way her Hangover co-stars careers have. For example, Bradley Cooper has become an A-list leading man at the box office, Zach Galifianakis is the go-to guy for funny and awkward comedies, and Ed Helms has carved himself a nice niche with films and TV requiring off-kilter comedic presences. 

However, Heather did star in the recent Flowers in the Attic, and while that was a TV movie, it was actually based on a bestselling novel and has already commissioned a sequel, Petals on the Wind. She also had the little seen 'Compulsion' with Carrie Anne-Moss and Kevin Dillon, not to mention the poorly reviews Behaving Badly with Selena Gomez. Even then, these are all pretty high-profile movies, if only for the people involved in the projects. But perhaps nothing is bigger than the upcoming 'Horns', which was just promoted at Comic-Con with lead star Daniel Radcliffe attending the panel.

Described as a proper combination of horror and comedy, and directed by Alexandre Aja, the film focuses on a young man sprouting horns in the wake of his girlfriend's murder. Heather plays a supporting role in the movie, with Daniel Radcliffe playing the main character. Heather doesn't have a character 'name' on the film's IMDB page, but some of the film's reviews from festivals have already noted that Heather plays the role of a waitress, and there's a 'interrogation scene' between her character and Ig, played by Daniel. 

Either way, it's probably her biggest release of 2014, although she also has 'Goodbye To All That' and 'My Dead Boyfriend' coming out in 2014. 


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